The F.C. Gundlach Foundation

“From the outset the image of man has been subject of photographic producing. Of particular importance are those photographic pictures that disclose, beyond their being historical documents, new perspectives on human dignity and vulnerability.”

taken from the preamble of the F.C. Gundlach Foundation

The purpose of the F.C. Gundlach Foundation, which F.C. Gundlach established in 2000, is to promote photography as an artistically and socially imporant cultural asset.

The F.C. Gundlach Foundation is in charge of the F.C. Gundlach Collection, as well as his photographic work.

Furthermore the foundation administers a number of photographic archives, omnibus volumes and external donations.

In close cooperation with the House of Photography in the Deichtorhallen, which was founded in 2003 by F.C. Gundlach and administers the F.C. Gundlach Library and the core of the F.C. Gundlach Collection to the “Image of Man in Photography” on permanent loan, the F.C. Gundlach Foundation stages exhibitions, projects and photographic coffee-table books.