House of Photography

When the House of Photography opened in the southern Deichtorhalle in 2005, Hamburg found itself proud home not only to a new exhibition hall, but also to a major photographic collection of an exceptional international standard. Ever since, the House of Photography has presented temporary exhibitions on photography, from historical positions of the 19th and 20th centuries through to young contemporary photography and aspects of the digital revolution.

Prof. F. C. Gundlach was founding director and artistic director of the Haus der Photographie from 2003 to 2005, curated the 2005 opening show on “Martin Munkácsi: Think While You Shoot!” and played a strong role in the designing the underlying concept for the exhibition hall. Since January 1, 2006 Prof. F. C. Gundlach has no longer been active as the programming director of House of Photography but remains a member of the Board of Trustees and holds the honorary title of Founding Director of Deichtorhallen Haus der Photographie. In 2004-5, the southern Deichtorhalle was converted specially to accommodate the House of Photography, with Hamburg-based architect Jan Störmer, in charge of the designs.

Since October 1, 2009 Dr. Dirk Luckow has been the new Artistic Director of Deichtorhallen Hamburg, and is thus also in charge of the exhibition program. He is ably assisted at House of Photography by Curator Ingo Taubhorn and by Collection Curator Dr. Sabine Schnakenberg.

House of Photography is not only the venue of major exhibitions, as visitors can rely on a variety of other services. The building is home to an auditorium and a library; there is a specialist book store dedicated to photography and art, as well as the Fillet of Soul bistro – the latter two are both accessible outside opening hours, too.

The F.C. Gundlach Collection

Pride and place in House of Photography goes to the F. C. Gundlach Collection – this world-class collection covers fashion photography and art photography – and the cooperation with SPIEGEL Verlag and it's archive. Both collections arose in Hamburg and thanks to our investments in exhibition technology and architecture as well as the conservational facilities at House of Photography (the City of Hamburg gave us a grant of EUR 4 million to this end) the two are on permanent loan to us. They decisively enrich the cultural world of Hamburg and emphatically strengthen Hamburg as a modern media hub.

In his function as Founding Director of Haus der Photography, in 2003 F. C. Gundlach bequeathed his private collection to Deichtorhallen Hamburg on permanent loan for a period of 20 years. The objective of Haus der Photographie is to familiarize the broader general public with the collection and the various themes it addresses. Alongside photographic works, from the mid-1980s onwards Gundlach was also interested in countless works by artists who addressed the medium of photography in their visual works. Since 2003, drawing on this part of his collection, we have assembled countless high-profile exhibitions, such as A Clear Vision 2003, The Heartbeat of Fashion 2006, American Beauties 2007 and Nobuyoshi Araki. Silent Wishes 2010.