Esther´s World - Photographs by Esther Haase

Gallery Abtart

7 September to 26 October 2018
Opening Friday 7 September 7.30 pm Gallery Abtart Stuttgart

The exhibition Esther's World at the Abtart Gallery in Stuttgart shows more than 100 motifs, the photographer's favourite images, which reveal the entire spectrum of her photographic wealth of ideas.

Esther Haase changes playfully between the genres: fashion, portrait and reportage. Her photographic lightness, her feeling for movement and passion characterise her.

She photographs freely for international clients and renowned magazines as well as in her artistic projects.

"My life is a dance with the camera through the world," says Esther Haase (born 1966)

Her models are cheerful and exuberant, stylish and sexy, but above all self-confident and strong. With a sure eye for the decisive moment, she creates dream sequences, cinematic stagings in elaborate sets and funny, seemingly random snapshots. In contrasting black and white as well as in lyrically delicate or brightly coloured colours she celebrates the joy of being, the play with eroticism, but above all life.

Many of the photographs can also be admired in the illustrated book Esther's World published by Hatje-Cantz in 2017.

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