F.C. Gundlach - Around the World in Fashion

Vertical Gallery InterConti Düsseldorf

27 January to 8 April 2018

F.C. Gundlach is one of the most famous fashion photographers of the 20th century. 500,000 miles and more he traveled over the world as a fashion photographer.

Light-footed and casual, his models still embody the spirit of great freedom. Gundlach's photographs have long been regarded as icons of fashion photography and have been a model for generations of subsequent photographers ever since.

Besides the elegant post-war magazine Film und Frau, his clients included major magazines such as Brigitte, Stern, Quick, Twen and Annabelle. With his recordings Gundlach struck the nerve of a time and its generation, which longed for the wide world. The camera was his constant companion from the very beginning. The big fashion capitals Berlin, Paris and New York were his second home.

In addition to fashion shots, impressive travel reports were produced. Long before the flood of mass tourism, Gundlach visited the pyramids of Egypt, the temples of Angkor Wat or Oscar Niemeyer's futuristic jungle city Brasilia. With much sensitivity, the famous monuments became part of his architecturally ingenious stagings.

The exhibition F.C. Gundlach: Around the World in Fashion fits perfectly into the big picture: in Düsseldorf, as a city of fashion and in the Intercontinental, whose guests and visitors are as international as the locations of F.C. Gundlach's shootings.

VERTICAL GALLERY, InterContinental Düsseldorf