Esther Haase

Rock ‘n’ Old

Under the patronage of actresses Iris Berben, Angelika Milster, Sonja Kirchberger, Gudrun Landgrebe and Hannelore Hoger or the well-known fashion designer Vivienne Westwood - whose master students designed model dresses for the photographs – old age is given a special attention it absolutely deserves. What an incredible effervescence, eroticism these pictures radiate, but also their aged models! The photographs capture the complete life, the innermost, all facets of those depicted and make them shine. When the viewer turns away again, they are guaranteed to take on a life of their own. The moment has been captured, but immediately seems to start moving again. The photographer manages to animate old, often frail people once again to go beyond their limits, to feel the insatiable vitality within themselves and to slip into roles they would not even have dared to dream of.

Alexa Hennig von Lange 2009

The photographer Esther Haase (*1966 in Bremen) completed a classical dance education before studying graphic design with a focus on photography. She has been working as a freelance photographer since 1993. International magazines, advertising clients, exhibitions, books and awards, including the Reinhard Wolf Prize and ADC Gold, document the success of her work. Esther Haase lives in Hamburg and London.