The Founder

F.C. Gundlach (* 16. July 1926) dedicated his life to photography – as a photographer, entrepreneur, gallery owner, collector, teacher and curator.

In the 2000 he established the F.C. Gundlach Foundation to permanently secure his life’s work and his extensive photographic collection and to allow for active, scientific and creative dialogue with his photographic legacy. The purpose of the foundation is the promotion of art, science and research in the field of photography, especially the promotion of photography as a cultural asset.

In September 2003, F.C. Gundlach was appointed Founding Director of the House of Photography in the Deichtorhallen Hamburg. His collection The Image of Man in Photography forms the basis of the house’s collections. Zdenek Felix, director of the Deichtorhallen until 2002, gave a first impression of the variety and quality of the collection with the exhibition A Clear Vision 2003.