Reinhart Wolf Foundation

According to the will of its founder, the photographic Reinhart Wolf Foundation has been committed to promoting photography as a cultural asset since 1988, among other things by awarding the Reinhart Wolf Prize to young photographers. This success story is due above all to Jutta Buer, who has guided the fortunes of the Reinhart Wolf Foundation from the very beginning.

F.C. Gundlach was very close to Reinhart Wolf and his foundation and supported Jutta Buer over the years as a jury member and in the design of the award-winner exhibitions at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg. He stood by the Reinhart Wolf Foundation and Jutta Buer for more than 25 years and finally also welcomed the idea of the award in order to secure the memory of Reinhart Wolf. Thanks to the help and support of advisory board members Dr. Gisela Wild and Prof. Christoph Stumpf, this idea could now be implemented with the Hamburg Foundation Supervisory Authority.