(Hamburger Lichtblicke)


A photo exhibition at ARTSTADT

05 August to 24 September 2022
Opening 04 August 7 pm
at the former Karstadt Sport building
Mönckebergstraße 2-4, 20095 Hamburg, Germany

13 Hamburg photographers from the professional association FREELENS e.V. have come together for the photo project „GLIMPSE OF LIGHT”.
In times of accumulating news about war and crises, it is difficult to believe in a better future. With the project „GLIMPSE OF LIGHT” we as artists and creative people can show that it is worthwhile to think positively and to focus on the beautiful. With our pictures we want to show what gives us confidence, what makes life worth living. The resulting exhibition offers very personal glimpses of light, captured and presented in a variety of ways as reports, portraits, impressions of nature and free interpretations.

Participating photographers:
Valeska Achenbach, Frieder Blickle, Peter Bruns, Thomas Ebert, Heiner Müller-Elsner, Kirsten Haarmann, Frederika Hoffmann, Frank Krems, Imke Lass, Matthias Schlief, Bertram Solcher, Achim Sperber and Sibylle Zettler

Sebastian Lux, F.C. Gundlach Foundation

The project is supported by the initiative FREI_FLÄCHE of Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft mbH

GLIMPSE OF LIGHT (Hamburger Lichtblicke)
05 August to 24 September 2022
Opening 04 August 7 pm
ARTSTADT at the former Karstadt Sport building,
2nd floor, Mönckebergstraße 2-4, 20095 Hamburg
Open: Tuesday to Sunday 10 - 23 h